What is Louisville Health Network?

Louisville Health Network (LHN) was created with the patient in mind to improve access to quality healthcare providers. Our providers have good standing in the community, are respected in their professions, and are given highest reviews by clients and patients alike. Our mission is to improve patient wellness and quality of life utilizing a closely integrated network of vetted healthcare professionals.

Why choose an LHN provider?

A: The best place to get ideas for your FAQ page is going to be the internet. Go to Google and search for a company that offers the same products or services you offer but in a different state than your company. For instance, if you have a Plumbing company in Michigan, search for Plumbing companies in California. Then look for websites with FAQ pages and make a list of good questions they have that you like (pay no attention to the answers they have on their site, that’s irrelevant). Then reword the question the way your client would ask it. In some cases you will have the same question because it’s just that simple. Then answer the question in your own words. Make sure you’re very descriptive and thorough in your answer. Remember, this is proving to them that you know your business and they’ve found the right company for their needs.

What standards are LHN providers held to?

LHN providers are required to maintain the highest standard of care in their professions thru degrees and staying current in their fields with continuing education. Providers can not have any licensure complaints or legal issues.

Will an LHN provider accept my health insurance?

Many LHN providers do accept insurance and work with many insurance companies. Please call the provider to verify your insurance coverage.

What days and hours are LHN providers available? 

Each individual provider has his/her own hours. Please call the provider and request your appointment. Our LHN providers will work with you to select a day and time that works with your schedule. LHN providers are dedicated to helping improve your overall wellness and quality of life and look forward to helping you.

Can you help me if I am looking for a specialty not on the list?

Yes, we are always adding different specialties and providers, however, if you need one not on our list, please call one of the LHN provider offices and we will be happy to refer you to a specialty not on the list.